École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world’s most prestigious hospitality management school based in Switzerland, has deployed Amelia as a digital concierge to help students learn about and book school tours. In a recent profile of EHL’s Chief Digital Officer, Julia Aymonier, Computer Weekly traced Aymonier’s path from her time as a computer science student to her role in pioneering usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.

In addition to managing guest Wi-Fi access and resetting student passwords, Amelia supports the EHL admission process by serving as the first point-of-contact for prospective students. EHL wanted to provide on-demand information access at all times and without requiring workers to answer the same questions repeatedly.

“One such project, which will underpin a lot of the school’s digital offerings in the future, is to roll out IPsoft’s cognitive agent, known as Amelia,” according to Computer Weekly. “EHL is putting the Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the core of its operations to provide students and visitors with a Siri-like interface.”

Additional EHL Coverage

Aymonier was also recently interviewed by Oluwafunmilayo Ajayi, AI for Education 2019 Initiative Coordinator, for the AI Time Journal. During the conversation, Aymonier discussed the challenges she faced from her colleagues prior to implementing Amelia.

“My service desk…were a bit against me doing this with Amelia at the beginning,” Aymonier told Ajayi. “When they realized at that end that all these requests that they had coming in and all these complaints they had coming from students saying, ‘I couldn’t do my homework because I was blocked,’ all [that] went away. The fact that that happened, and I took all those mundane tasks away from them, made them my ambassadors in the school. They really saw that there was not one person less in the service desk because I automated these tasks.”

“We are continuing with the Amelia roll-out,” Aymonier told the author. “Amelia answers questions on the website about the bachelor’s degree and we are extending it to cover all the other programmes we do. The next big project for the software will depend on the students, as we intend to let them choose the subject when term starts in September.”

Watch the discussion below. To learn more about EHL’s Amelia implementation, be sure to read coverage of Aymonier’s presentation at this year’s Digital Workforce Summit, as well as a recap of the school’s DWS 2019 Experience AI Pavilion exhibit.

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