We often discuss Intelligent Virtual Agents driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) as supplemental digital employees that can make roles easier, eliminate repetitious tasks, and provide information to workers faster than a Google search. The key term is “supplement” — because we view AI as a catalyst for a hybrid workforce, not a workforce killer.

In a recent op-ed published by TechNative, Martin Linstrom, IPsoft’s Managing Director of the UK & Ireland, examined the many ways that AI can not only supplement human labor, but actually improve its value. Martin contends that companies should reskill human workers to take on more valuable work.

“Some companies may be tempted to see conversational AI as means simply to cut overhead costs,” Martin wrote. “However, the ones that reapply their existing support staff to address complex needs will have an advantage over the companies who are more short-sighted.”

To learn more about how your company can build and deploy a hybrid workforce, and make human workers more impactful, be sure to read Martin’s op-ed in its entirety.

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