Ask the average American about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and you’re likely to hear stories and theories about a coming robotic revolt. Fortunately, technologists and business leaders are invested in ensuring safe and ethical AI projects — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the best choice for companies’ bottom lines.

In a recent post on IDG Connect (registration required), Stanford University Professor Christopher Manning, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, discussed the implications of AI creation. In his commentary, Professor Manning lists the parties responsible for safeguarding AI projects.

“One of the leading ideas is that a lot of these questions about ethics and bias need a broader expertise,” he writes. “It’s not just about computer scientists dictating the direction and what is and isn’t ethical. Humanists and social scientists have experience and expertise in these areas, so we need a broad range of people engaged in the conversation.”

To learn more about Professor Manning’s approach to ethical AI, be sure to head to IDG Connect, or read our thoughts on the business implications of ethical AI.

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