“More than 500 bot candidates have been given roles so far, and the full launch of 1Store is expected in the coming months,” says the author of a recent article in Computer Weekly previewing IPsoft’s one-stop shop for researching, interviewing and downloading pre-trained digital colleagues.

“The marketplace offers Amelia, IPsoft’s cognitive agent,” the author continues. “And businesses can look at its capabilities for certain roles and even interview robots before selecting them. Jobs that the robots are doing include cloud administrators in IT departments and claims administrators in insurance.”

1Store will offer a unique experience for enterprises, making the onboarding of digital colleagues as intuitive as researching and downloading an app from an online app store. Available digital worker roles are organized by industry and function; for example, you can locate and select a Credit Card Processor that contains Amelia’s years of banking experience, or design your own IT Service Desk Manager with specific pre-trained skills such as Deleted Email Retrieval Expert or Password Reset Engineer.

When searching for a human worker “you would have to go to LinkedIn, but [1Store will also provide] ratings given by an existing user and look at what the [industry] analysts are saying,” explained IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube in the article. One of the novel features of 1Store is the ability to “interview” a prospective digital worker right on the site through voice or chat. You can register here to read more about 1Store and be informed when it’s open for business.

You can read the full Computer Weekly article here.

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