In a recent op-ed in the French financial newspaper Les Echos, IPsoft Director of Development for France, Cyril Parcellier, laid out a vision for the future of work. He imagines hybrid teams (or a hybrid workforce as we sometimes call it) in which Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital colleagues like Amelia work alongside human colleagues to benefit the company, customers and even the employees themselves.

In a hybrid workforce, digital colleagues take on the high-volume routine work and execute them at machine speed, while humans are freed to use their uniquely human skillsets (e.g., creativity, empathy and people skills). By adding these advanced forms of automation — including the automation of complex user engagements via a conversational interface — human colleagues are able spend more time on more rewarding tasks (i.e., non-mundane repeatable ones). This combination of scaled automation and human creativity inherently builds business value through more efficient processes and enhanced customer services.

You can read the full article (in French) here.

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