In a recent piece by, Dr. Vincent Grasso, IPsoft’s Director of Cognitive Healthcare Services and a practicing physician for more than 30 years, discusses the need to ensure the privacy and security of the increasing number of patients using wearable devices, as their private health information is captured and transmitted through multiple vendors.

Dr. Grasso predicts that the number of businesses developing wearable devices for healthcare will continue to grow during the next five years, with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and smartphone apps having a profound impact on the delivery of healthcare.

“As hospital systems migrate from on-premises information system hosting to the cloud, the ability to integrate an ever-widening list of IoT devices, peripherals, expert systems, and other related [technologies] will increase rapidly,” he says. “Maintaining security and privacy around all of this churn will be difficult to manage. Data breaches will be ever more complex. The trade-off is better quality healthcare delivery and management within a decentralized network.”

Read the full piece at here.

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