Now that is live, we’re beginning to receive positive feedback from our community and the global media. In a recent post, Computer Weekly examined the launch and offered insight into IPsoft’s vision for the future of the world’s first AI marketplace.

“Over time, robots will be introduced into roles that are specific to business functions, such as HR and industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications,” the author writes. “They are jobs that have to be done and have high costs, but also ones that businesses make no money out of.”

For broader context, offers our users a more seamless and modern approach to deploying AI, one that more closely resembles person-to-person hiring and onboarding processes than it does traditional, large-scale implementations. Through a one-of-a-kind online marketplace, we paved new ground in delivering advanced user experiences powered by Amelia, our market-leading conversational AI agent.

“Jobs that the robots are doing include cloud administrators in IT departments,” Computer Weekly reports. “The IT service desk engineer robot, which is available now, can take care of IT support tasks including password resets, outlook configuration and troubleshooting, unlocking accounts, VPN troubleshooting, single sign-on problems, as well as ordering new equipment.”

To learn more about, be sure to watch our introductory video, featuring IPsoft President and CEO, Chetan Dube.

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