Global press coverage of, our recently-launched marketplace for Digital Employees™, continues to highlight the positive benefits of leveraging digital and human employees to enable the Future of Work. Information Age recently published an article highlighting the marketplace launch and the opportunity it provides companies to create business value.

“The implementation of digital workers into a workforce can increase efficiency due to the capability of AI to speed up tasks, as well as being able to work 24 hours a day without the need for a break,” the article states. “ will democratise and industrialise data by leveraging IPsoft’s cognitive AI agent, Amelia.”

The article also features insights from IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube on how a marketplace for cloud-sourced AI will forever change the business landscape.

“While some enterprises are downloading bots in an attempt to build a hybrid workforce, is the only marketplace with digital replicas of human job roles, utilising digital employees with both front- and back-end proficiency,” Chetan said. “People continuously learn and improve at their jobs by collaborating and interacting with customers, colleagues and competitors — the same applies to AI.”

To read more on Information Age’s viewpoint of, click here.

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