Earlier this year, IPsoft offered five predictions for the next twelve months, among them that AI will continue to play a crucial role in collaborating with human workers to accelerate and improve day-to-day tasks.

The Telegraph recently published its own thoughts on what to expect from business technology in 2020. The author lists AI as one of the technologies that will alter the business landscape.

“Others believe that 2020 is the year for focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) – in particular, digital assistants,” the article states. “They are already transforming the way people interact with technology at work, and their capabilities are set to strengthen over the coming year, with businesses using AI to augment an increasing number of roles, and independently manage and execute evermore complex and emotionally human-like tasks.”

IPsoft’s Chief Operating Officer for Europe Steve Haighway told The Telegraph that he wholeheartedly agrees with that assertion.

“In 2020, expect business to have digital assistants acting as mortgage advisers or recruitment specialists. They will have the biggest impact on British businesses over the next year because they will take on time-intensive tasks, improving the speed and experience of customer interactions while reducing the administrative burden on employees,” Steve told The Telegraph.

For more Telegraph predictions, read the article in its entirety.

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