, the world’s first marketplace for Digital Employees™, continues to gain attention worldwide. In one of the more recent examples, the marketplace was profiled in WirtschaftsWoche (subscription required), the leading German business publication (German language only). The magazine also published an interview with IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube, in which he describes and the value of Digital Employees for German audiences.

“The first-of-its-kind hybrid workforce platform will enable businesses to cloud source AI-powered digital employees. Businesses can now hire cloud-sourced, AI-powered digital colleagues, powered by Amelia and her market-leading technology, to build a hybrid workforce for better enterprise scale, productivity and efficiency. The first job role available is an IT Service Desk Engineer,” the author writes.

The piece also draws an interesting line of progression from voice-based phone assistants and chatbots to the Future of Work, which will be comprised of robots/conversational AI agents and humans working together collaboratively to generate business value.

“They can be found in hotlines from telecommunications providers, insurance companies and banks – wherever companies have to advise a large number of customers by telephone and provide information. We are talking about digital voice assistants, now called chatbots,” the author writes. “Dialogue-enabled AI assistants should pave the way for hybrid workforces made up of people and robots.”

For more on this topic, be sure to read the article in its entirety.

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