Amelia comes pre-trained in banking, insurance and healthcare, so that you and your enterprise can hit the ground running. More verticals will be available in the coming months.

Amelia as your vertical specialist

Amelia can handle multiple roles across diverse industries. Many of our clients work with us to train her on a variety of customer-facing, transactional and support tasks. Many also have developed their own in-house AI expertise to manage Amelia as part of their company’s collaborative workforce.


With Amelia as a digital colleague, advertisers can connect with consumers and make ads more interactive and personalized.


With Amelia’s secure back-end integrations, Amelia can connect automotive suppliers with their customers around the world at any time of day.


Telecoms can hire Amelia for consumer-facing roles, resolving customer issues and freeing up human colleagues to handle more complex projects.


Public agencies leverage technology to stay connected with their constituents. Amelia connects people and employees to government information and services through an intuitive natural-language interface.


In a digital-first world, students want to manage their educational needs across all types of channels. Amelia helps them connect to their schools and institutions through phone, web, mobile, and even smart speakers.


Amelia quickly resolves gamers customer service needs, and she can be trained by gaming companies to root-out fraud using her advanced analytics.

Oil & Gas

Amelia can help Oil & Gas customers navigate product databases, and deliver general inquiries about business processes using her natural language and understanding.

High Tech

High-Tech customers need intelligent and integrated solutions to streamline workflows and enhance customer experiences. Amelia can provide a front-end interface and the back-end integration companies need for their support operations.


Amelia can decrease costs and improve productivity for public and private utilities with employee support on internal processes, and customer service for providing meter readings and outage information.

Administrative Services

Amelia’s advanced workflow and automation capabilities streamline routine administrative processes such as finance and human resources, instantly connecting employees with the information and business procedures they need.


Amelia’s advanced training and multi-channel abilities can help mining companies improve productivity and overall operations by connecting employees to the information they need, whether from an office or at a job site.


With her advanced automation and workflow abilities, Amelia could be used by chemical companies for preventive maintenance and asset management, preventing equipment failures and handing administrative tasks.

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