Meet Amelia, your Digital Colleague. She simplifies digital banking for consumers, banks and financial services firms.

A Better Banking Experience for Your Customers

Digital customer service is often separated from other parts of the business. Consumers expect service, consultations and transactions to occur within the same context. Amelia can provide seamless end-to-end customer experiences.


Faster Service

Call center and support agents are overwhelmed with high call volumes. This leads to long wait times and drop-offs. Consumers expect 24/7 availability.

Better Service

Customers want service delivered on any device at any time. They expect interactions to be intelligent, high-quality and easy-to-manage.


Amelia’s Banking Abilities

Credit Card Payment

Customers want frictionless credit card payments. With Amelia, consumers can initiate transactions from any device without any manual data entry.

  • Make credit card payments
  • Redeem rewards points
  • Place travel alerts

Open New Account

Amelia can help customers find, research and open new accounts in just a few minutes. She is able to:

  • Teach customers about various options
  • Process customer data
  • Process deposits

Check Account Balance

Amelia can assist customers with a variety of account-related tasks, including:

  • Finding the nearest ATM
  • Pulling balance information for all accounts
  • Reviewing savings plan data

Mortgage Pre-Approval

With Amelia, customers can initiate the mortgage pre-approval and application process, without needing to speak to human agents. Amelia can:

  • Intake forms and documents
  • Display customer financial data
  • Approve and reject applications

Lots of solutions promise to deliver in the future but we needed it solved now. So we needed some kind of relationship that was not a traditional IT-vendor, or IT-customer relationship. We needed some kind of a startup-like commitment, so that if we face some kind of challenge, we can work together to solve it. Those were the two main reasons that brought us to IPsoft.

Ignacio Bernal Echeverria, Global Chief Technology Officer at BBVA

SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks, rolled out IPsoft’s Amelia tool in late 2016 to take calls on its IT service desk. Within three weeks, Amelia had taken over 4,200 calls, roughly 15% of overall call volume, and was resolving the calls up to five times faster than a human agent, with repeatable service quality. This level of success led SEB to accelerate its deployment of Amelia and start using it for external customer interactions.

Banking Challenges

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