Meet Amelia, your digital colleague. She can improve patient experiences, augment healthcare workforces, and save on operational costs.


Improving Healthcare for Patients, Providers and Caregivers

Healthcare is a complex industry that touches multiple audiences and organizations. Amelia can provide critical information and services for health insurers, providers and caregivers, as well as hospital and care organizations.


Better Patient Outcomes

For patients, Amelia can deliver high-quality information and services related to provider appointments and care regimens.

Improved Provider Experiences

Amelia can free providers and caregivers from the burden of administrative duties by taking on tasks like appointment scheduling, provider referrals and workforce scheduling.


Amelia’s Healthcare Abilities

Appointment Management

Amelia helps patients and providers find each other whenever necessary. She’s able to:

  • Book and schedule appointments and procedures
  • Provide pre-consultation and preoperative screenings
  • Manage questionnaires, preauthorizations, and information exchange

Prescription Management

Amelia helps patients, providers and pharmacies manage medicine distribution. She can:

  • Assist patients with ordering and delivery of prescribed medications
  • Facilitate information exchange between doctors and pharmacies
  • Verify changes to doses and types of medicine

Test Management

She can help patients better understand treatment plans, scheduled tests and test results. She can:

  • Provide patients with control over when they schedule medical tests
  • Track test dates and results including blood work and radiology-based test results
  • Help patients understand a provider’s interpretation of test results

Homecare Services

She can enhance and expedite communication between physicians, nursing staff, patients and their caregivers by:

  • Giving patients the ability to share medical device readings such as blood pressure, pulse rate, and others from home
  • Providing patients support for the proper and timely usage of their medical devices
  • Engaging with patients in support conversations about their current medical condition
  • Enhancing care plan and discharge communications between various hospital departments

Healthcare Roles

Amelia is built for all areas of healthcare

We see AI as one of the potential key enablers of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and supplementing and improving the capability and knowledge of our staff, so that we can support people with a disability better than ever before.

Andrew Richardson, CEO, House with No Steps

If it’s not a moment that matters to somebody that requires human empathy or a task that needs human critical thinking, why not automate?

Deloitte Principal Owner John Brownridge

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