Improved Access to Information

Amelia connects to a diverse range of information systems and databases that are accessed by healthcare delivery stakeholders. She can be reached 24/7 via intuitive, natural language interfaces and respond to a wide range of questions in seconds, becoming an invaluable team member for overworked physicians, nurses, and care-givers.

Augmented Care Coordination

Amelia is highly configurable and scalable, and is especially well suited to care coordination and its complex workflows and processes. By joining the care team as a coordination assistant, Amelia can help monitor and manage a patient’s changing needs, and integrate their healthcare and social support services.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Amelia engages with patients by voice or text through graphical user interfaces optimized for smartphones, tablets, or any other relevant device, enhancing a patient’s ease of use and peace of mind. These interfaces allow patients to make appointments and refill prescriptions, be guided through their preoperative and postoperative care, and obtain help with laboratory test access and interpretation. Patients feel more connected to their doctors and care-givers for whatever services they need, and in greater control of their health.

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