Meet Amelia, your digital colleague. She can simplify insurance policy buying, selling, and management, leading to better operations for insurers and enhanced experiences for customers


A Better All-Around Experience for your customers

Today's consumers expect ubiquitous accessibility to provider services. Amelia's state-of-the-art cognitive interface allows users to independently answer common questions and resolve issues.


Faster Service

Amelia is available 24/7 across multiple channels. Plus, she scales to meet demand, which means users are never placed in queue.

Better Service

When Amelia takes on high-volume, low-level user issues, her human colleagues are freed to address complex or unique customer needs.


Amelia’s Insurance Abilities

Auto Insurance Claims

Amelia helps your customers to file claims the minute accidents occur. She’s able to:

  • Register incidents
  • Discuss deductibles and maximum payouts
  • Verify policy details

Auto Insurance Policy Changes

No need to involve human agents in simple policy changes. Amelia can:

  • Update personal information
  • Recommend new policies
  • Escalate issues to human agents

QTC Renters Insurance

Your customers will be able to research and apply for renter’s insurance directly through Amelia. She can:

  • Verify personal information
  • Recommend policies
  • Offer coverage plans

Life Insurance QTC

Amelia walks customers through the entire policy selection process from research to selection. She’s able to:

  • Provide custom quotes
  • Upsell additional products and services
  • Recommend riders and additional options

Insurance Roles

Amelia is built for all areas of insurance

Within a year we eliminated our high severity and our medium severity problems by 50%, 50% of them. We're not only fixing things quicker, delivering things quicker, but by looking end to end we're able to identify the trouble spots and resolve those once and for all prevent reoccurrence, which drove a dramatic improvement in cost.

Mike Brady CTO, AIG

Amelia is quickly becoming an important component of our customer service strategy. She provides our call center personnel with the information and procedures they need to address our customers’ questions and concerns.

Allstate Senior Vice President Carla Zuniga

IPsoft's Amelia summons insights to give customers personalized, informed experiences — but as a whisper agent, Amelia covertly funnels this experience through a human employee. Drawing from data sources and predictive analytics, the whisper agent can make human employees sound as if they really have their act together — and as if they know their customers well enough to solve their problems quickly.

J.P. Gownder, Forrester

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Amelia is transforming businesses around the world, providing massive ROI at scale and superior customer experiences while reducing risk. She can do the same for yours.