Program Year 2019

  • Program Year 2018: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.
  • Version: January 31, 2018

These Partner Program Policies are current as of the Version Date set forth above and shall remain in effect until or unless they are superseded at this same (or redirected) URL by a version with a later Version Date. IPsoft may update or modify these Program Policies in its sole discretion, with or without notice to Partners.

Partner must comply with these Program Policies as well as the IPsoft Partner Program Agreement (“IPPA”) in order to participate in the Partner Program. Capitalized terms not defined in these Program Policies have the meaning given to them in the IPPA.

1.0  Partner Program Overview

IPsoft seeks partners that can be effective brand ambassadors for IPsoft technologies in the marketplace, and particularly values those which can create additional value for the End Customers of IPsoft technology through their own services and products. The Partner Program is designed for firms that wish to connect their customers to IPsoft Products through referral or resale by offering advisory, implementation, integration and/or custom development services related to the Products. IPsoft offers our Partners robust resources, training, and tools, enabling them to develop expertise around specific business functions, product areas, and industries so they can best serve customers and differentiate their practices.

2.0  Enrollment and Participation Qualifications

To enroll in the Partner Program, please send an email to [email protected] and we will assist you with the registration process.

Once a Partner is approved to participate in the Partner Program and paid the applicable Fees, such Partner will have up to 6 months to meet the minimum criteria to become a Partner (as defined in the Requirements Table below). The minimum criteria for Partners are as follows:

  • Meet the minimum certification requirement. As described in the Partner Requirements section.
  • Order Form for Program Fees signed, returned, and invoice fully paid for by the applicable registered Partner

When IPsoft confirms that a prospective Partner meets the applicable Participation Requirements, the Partner becomes a Registered Partner and is eligible to receive the IPP benefits applicable to the designated Partner Classification the terms of the IPP Agreement for the applicable Program Year.  If at any time a Partner fails to meet the Participation Qualifications for the IPPA, IPsoft may re-assign the Partner to a different Partner Classification or terminate the Partner’s participation in the IPP altogether, with no refund of Program Fees.

Prospective Partners who have not met Requirements within the initial six (6) month period may be deactivated without refund of Program Fees. If the prospective Partner subsequently fulfills the Participation Requirements in the same Program Year and seeks to re-join the Partner Program, the fee shall be waived.

To be in good standing, a Partner must have met all Participation Qualifications and be compliant with timelines communicated for program compliance. Partners authorized in multiple geographical regions must meet the applicable Participation Requirements in each region. Partners who are not in good standing are not eligible for Referral Fees or Resale rights.

3.0  Partner Classification

IPsoft has several different types of partnerships which come with different engagement models and costs but also opportunities for the partner. Over time, partners can move into higher (or lower) categories based on their ability to (a) meet commitments; (b) be self-sufficient, and (c) drive value. For example, if a partner currently does not have any significant implementation services but has aspirations to become an Amelia Implementation partner, they can start as an Advisor and build their market and expertise with Amelia. Below is a list of partner classifications.

Alliance Partner Alliance Partners are generally smaller boutique companies (or even individuals) who through their expertise and connections, serve as a conduit to senior level executives at IPsoft acquisition customers; and as such, they can open opportunities, broker deals and coordinate the process. As noted above, companies without implementation resources can start out as Alliance members, build an implementation organization as part of projects lead by IPsoft and graduate to fully qualified, accredited implementation partner. These Partners make money through referral fees.
Advisory Partner An Advisory partner generally does not directly benefit financially from an Amelia license or implementation. They may promote Amelia to their clients as part of strategic initiatives within the client, and Amelia is usually a component of the overall strategy being presented. Management consulting firms and certain advisories would generally fall into this category. These partners however, can also be design agencies specializing in branding, mobility and customer service, etc. One defining characteristic of an Advisory Partner is a desire to have some association with IPsoft, but also a desire to maintain independence and to recommend a broad spectrum of innovative solutions to their customers. Alliance Partners customarily do not draw revenue directly from IPsoft. They make money through consulting fees charged directly to the customer.
Implementation Partner 3.1 Implementation partners are the core of the IPsoft partner program. They are the acceleration engine which allows IPsoft to expand market adoption faster without organic growth. While the Alliance and Advisor Partners may not have strict requirements, Implementation Partners are required to build and maintain a certain level of resources trained and certified in our core technologies. Implementation Partners have the ability to benefit financially from a license sale by signing a reseller agreement but may also abstain from this to maintain their independence. Implementation Partners may include global partners as well as more regional partners.  There is a ranking system for Implementation partners who may wish to grow in size over time.
Implementation Partners make money through professional services fees charged to the Customer, through referral fees, and potentially but not necessarily through resale of IPsoft Products through a reseller arrangement. Margins will vary based on the specific Partner agreement.
Solution Partner Implementation Partners can graduate to Solution Partners, where they build “productized” offerings (Solutions) based on their domain expertise. This partnership comes with more sophisticated training and certification obligations. However, Partner solutions meeting set standards can be represented in our Amelia Marketplace. We will need to work out details around support and delivery processes with the partner.  Solution Partners make money through professional services fees charged to the Customer and through resale of IPsoft Products through a reseller arrangement. In addition, they sell proprietary solutions built on top of or leveraging IPsoft technology. Solution Partners may receive margin advantages or other incentives for creating additional value in the market for IPsoft.
OEM Partner Potential partners interested in becoming an OEM reseller of IPsoft technologies should contact us via [email protected].

4.0  Territories

IPsoft Partners will be granted the right to referral or resale in one or more specific geographic territories based on their corporate structure; market presence; knowledge and experience; delivery capabilities; or other factors.

Solution partners with specific industry products and/or competencies may be approved to work across multiple geographies with regards to a specific go-to-market solution based on IPsoft technologies.

Designated Territories will be enumerated in your IPPA.

5.0  Partner Requirements

Partners are expected to maintain certain levels of resource designation, training, and participation in regular governance; IPsoft reserves the right to modify the requirements as need in its sole discretion.  Meeting minimum participation criteria is required for continued membership in the IPP and for access to IPP resources.

  Advisor Alliance Implementation Solution  
Designated Partner Manager 1 1
Dedicated Partner Manager 1 1
Trained/Certified Sales Resources 1 2 3 10
Trained/Certified Presales Resources 1 1 1 5
For Amelia, 1DESK, 1RPA
Certified CTL 1 2
Certified CIE 2 4
Certified CED 1 1
Certified Experience Designer 1 2
Resources for End Customer Support

Tier 1-3


Business / Account Plan
Monthly Pipeline Review
Quarterly Governance
Timely deal registration 90% 90% 90% 90%
Qualified Opportunities / Quarter 1 3 10 20
Conversion Rate N > 25% N > 25% N > 25% N > 25%
  Additional Requirements
Co-Marketing IPsoft logo on partner Web site

Agreed go to market strategy in place

Recertification Annually staff must complete IPsoft technology certification programs via Web-based learning tools provided.


5.1  Partner Benefits.

Each Program Tier offers a unique set of Program Benefits to support the growth of our Partners’ business.

Benefits Advisor and Alliance Implementation Solution
Onboarding X X X
Sales Enablement X X X
Access to partner portal X X X
Documentation Portal X X
IPuniversity (online training) X X X
Technical Classroom Training Options[1] X X
Deal registration and Compensation X X X partner newsletter X X X partner account manager  X X
Amelia Instance and sandbox (demo only) X[2] X
Access to IPsoft Hosted Generic Demos   X X X
Eligible for POC and Custom Demo Support X X
Amelia tutorials and content X X X
Developer toolkit and code libraries X X
Technical discussion boards X X
Community technical support X X X
Prerelease environments X X
Product road map briefings X X
Named technical account manager /Presales X X
Dedicated Customer Engagement Manager X
Leads from the web X X partner program logo X X X
IPsoft event sponsorship X X
Marketing and sales best practices and tools X X X
Featured listings on our website X X
Joint PR activities with IPsoft X X X
Joint Marketing activities with IPsoft  X X X
Access to IPsoft Advisory services[3] X X
Reservation Right for Access to the IPsoft Demonstration Centers (e.g. Amelia City)  X X X
Invitations to Special Events X X X

This Partner program will automatically renew for an additional Program Year on January 1st each year unless notified in writing 30 days prior.

For any Partner seeking to join the Partner Program after March 1, following IPsoft’s acceptance of such Partner into the Partner Program and assignment to a Partner Tier, IPsoft will invoice the Partner for the annual Program Fees associated with the Partner’s assigned Partner Tier pro-rated to the quarter and including the entire quarter in which the Partner enrolled. Any Partner joining the Partner Program before March 1 will be charged Program Fees for the entire Program Year.

5.2  Partner Program Details

  • Partners must be in sufficiently good financial standing to participate in any Program Type for which it
  • IPsoft designated leader must approve, endorse, and manage any exceptions to the applicable Participation Qualifications for a given

6.0  Fees

Please discuss partner program requirements with your Partner Account Manager. For assistance you may email [email protected] .

7.0  Partner Compensation

7.1  Resale Rights

Certain partners will be eligible to resell Products for a predefined discount from IPsoft’s published list prices.  Reseller partners are typically Implementation partners and are expected to maintain minimum levels of certification and have the ability to provide support for End Customer interactions as a part of the right to resale.  Specifics are defined in your IPPA which is available upon request from a designated IPsoft partner manager or by emailing [email protected].

7.2  Referral Fees

IPsoft compensates certain Partners which identify and refer net-new business in their Designated Territory.  A Partner who has been enrolled in the IPP referral fee program may be entitled to a Referral Fee only if they correctly follow the deal registration policy outlined below. Referral Fees are calculated as set forth in your IPPA. . Fees paid are based on a percentage of the First Year Net Revenue.

7.3  Deal Registration

Designated Partner Representatives must submit a Qualified Lead to [email protected] or through a designated IPsoft Partner Account Manager which results in a successfully closed new Opportunity for IPsoft. This must be in accordance with IPsoft’s policies and procedures, including IPsoft’s anti-corruption policies.  Specifically:

  1. Partner must submit Leads to [email protected] for each sales Opportunity in a timely fashion.
  2. IPsoft will then qualify the Opportunity and notify Partner via email of the approval or rejection of such Opportunity.
  3. If the Parties exchange information regarding Opportunities, both Parties agree to use the information therein solely for purposes related to the Agreement.
  4. Under no circumstances will deal registration be considered after an Order has been placed.
  5. Submissions are strictly confidential.

In submitting personal data regarding an Opportunity, Partner is responsible for complying with all applicable laws governing Partner’s collection, storage, processing, use and transfer of such information. Partner authorizes IPsoft to process such data as reasonably required to exercise IPsoft’s rights and perform IPsoft’s obligations under the Agreement. IPsoft will process and use personal data in accordance with the instructions received from Partner and will not process or use such data in a manner different from that necessary to carry out IPsoft’s obligations under the Agreement; provided, however, that IPsoft may be required to provide personally identifiable information to third parties to comply with legally mandated reporting, disclosure, or other legal process requirements. As the data provider, Partner warrants that Partner has provided all appropriate notices to the data subjects and has obtained all appropriate consents to transfer the data to IPsoft and allow its processing according to the terms of the Agreement.

8.0  Program Year and Evaluation Periods

“Program Year” is the annual term of the Partner Program starting on January 1st and ending on 31st December, notwithstanding the Effective Date of Partner’s enrollment in the Partner Program.

Partner evaluations are conducted on a quarterly basis, aligning with IPsoft’s fiscal quarters as set forth in the table below. Evaluations are based on Partner activity during the fiscal quarter. Continued eligibility for the IPsoft partner program are based on the agreed measurement criteria outlined below in Section 6 Partner Requirements. IPsoft’s determinations during the Partner evaluations are at IPsoft’s sole discretion.

Evaluation Period Quarter Ending IPsoft Review Conducted Change Notification Date*[4]
Q1 Evaluation March 31 April May 1
Q2 Evaluation June 30 July August 1
Q3 Evaluation September 30, October November 1
Annual Evaluation (Q4) December 31, 2018 January February 1


9.0  Additional Partner Program Attributes

9.1  Products, Compliance, and Technical Training

Partner agrees that to the extent they are engaged in marketing, generating Leads for the Products, or otherwise reselling, Partner’s sales representatives and other personnel will participate in the online training provided by IPsoft. As IPsoft upgrades the Products, IPsoft may ask Partner’s sales representatives and other personnel to undergo further training based on new features and functions that may become available in the Products. Partner and Partner’s personnel agree to participate in such further training. Partner agrees each qualifying employee shall do so at a minimum, annually.

Partner agrees that to the extent they are engaged in implementation the Products, Partner’s technical delivery personnel will participate in advanced training provided by IPsoft. As IPsoft upgrades the Products, IPsoft may ask Partner’s technical resources and other personnel to undergo further training based on new features and functions that may become available in the Products. Partner and Partner’s personnel agree to make reasonable, good faith efforts to participate in such further training. Partner agrees each qualifying employee shall do so at a minimum, annually.

Partner agrees to use reasonable efforts to advise IPsoft of any demonstrations required to market the Products to prospective IPsoft Customers, especially those with a sales force or customer service group of greater than twenty (20) people.

Partner agrees to provide verification that Partner, Partner’s sales representatives, and anyone engaged by Partner to work on IPsoft’s behalf has undertaken compliance training and compliance certifications that align to Partner’s compliance obligations under this Agreement.

To the extent Partner is eligible to receive certain technical support offerings, such programs are provided under IPsoft’s technical support policies in effect at the time the Products are provided. For clarification technical support does not include support for Non-IPsoft Applications or other third-party programs or services. IPsoft’s technical support policies are subject to change at IPsoft’s discretion.

10.0  IPsoft’s Licenses to Partner.

The licenses and/or access and use rights set forth below are available to Partner depending on Partner’s Program Type and/or Partner Tier.

10.1  Product Subscriptions

Upon IPsoft’s providing Partner with log-in credentials to any Products, Partner is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited right to access and use such Products solely for: (i) demonstration of the Products to potential IPsoft Customers solely in connection with Partner’s participation in the Partner Program, or (ii) training on the use of the Products. Partner’s use of any Product subscriptions is further subject to the restrictions set forth in the IPPA and, to the extent such subscriptions have been ordered by Partner from IPsoft pursuant to an Order Form, any restrictions set forth in such Order Form.

For clarity, Partner may be, or may become entitled to, receive access to the Products under a separate agreement with IPsoft. The IPPA and these Program Policies shall govern Partner’s access to the Products to the extent subscriptions to Products are provided as a Partner Benefit as defined above.

10.2  Marketing Services

Subject to the terms of the Agreement, IPsoft grants Partner a non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use those portions of IPsoft’s marketing programs, marketing materials and tools solely for creating, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns related to IPsoft’s products and services (the “Marketing Services”). Partner’s use of the Marketing Services shall be subject to the IPPA and these Program Policies and must comply with IPsoft’s current branding guidelines, including IPsoft’s Trademark Usage and IPsoft’s Partner Branding and Logo Usage Guidelines and Partner Press Release Guidelines. IPsoft may change the usage, branding and press release guidelines and location thereof at any time, and, upon reasonable notice from IPsoft, Partner shall promptly modify Partner’s use of the Marketing Services to conform to any such changed guidelines.

Partner may allow third parties to access the Marketing Services for creating, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns related to IPsoft’s products and services on Partner’s behalf, provided that Partner ensures that all such use is in accordance with the IPPA and these Program Policies. Partner agrees to be responsible for any misuse of the Marketing Services by Partner or any third party using the Marketing Services on Partner’s behalf and Partner agrees to use the Marketing Services at Partner’s own risk.

Partner shall cooperate with IPsoft to allow for review of Partner’s use of the Marketing Services and compliance with IPsoft’s quality standards. If IPsoft, in IPsoft’s sole discretion, determines that Partner’s use of the Marketing Services does not comply with this Agreement, Partner shall promptly modify or discontinue Partner’s use as directed by IPsoft. If Marketing Services include payments to Partner, then Partner shall maintain adequate books and records regarding the basis for such payments and shall provide IPsoft with copies of such records upon request.

10.3  IPsoft Trademark License.

Subject to its inclusion as a Program Benefit in Partner’s assigned Partner classification and to the terms of the Agreement,   IPsoft grants Partner a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sublicensable, royalty-free license during the Program Year to use, solely in connection with Partner’s rights, duties and obligations under the IPPA and these Program Policies, such marks identified publicly by IPsoft as available for use by Partners within Partner’s assigned Partner Tier (“IPsoft’s Marks”) in any Designated Territory in which Partner is authorized to be a Partner and IPsoft has rights during the Program Year. This License does not grant rights to use any of IPsoft’s trademarks that are not IPsoft’s Marks. Any use by Partner of IPsoft’s Marks shall be in accordance with IPsoft’s trademark usage policies, with proper markings and legends, and subject to IPsoft’s prior written approval. Partner shall not make any express or implied statement or suggestion, or use any of IPsoft’s trademarks in any manner, that dilutes, tarnishes, degrades, disparages, or otherwise reflects adversely on IPsoft or its business, products or services. Partner shall cease, or adjust the manner of, its use of any of IPsoft’s Marks at IPsoft’s request in its sole discretion. IPsoft may withdraw any approval of any use of IPsoft’s Marks at any time in its sole discretion upon written notice to Partner, which withdrawal shall be effective promptly but in no case more than thirty (30) days from the date of IPsoft’s notice.

11.0  Definitions

End Customer” means the authorized actual customer of the Products or the party on whose behalf you use the Products.

Partner” means (1) a company or other legal entity, or (2) an individual acting on their own behalf, who has agreed to the IPsoft Partner Program Agreement (“IPPA”).

[1] May come with an associated cost.

[2] IPsoft to provide software only.  Partner to provide appropriate hosting facility or cloud environment.

[3] May come with associated cost.

[4] On or before the applicable notification date will have notify Partner of any changes to Partner Classification or status.