IPsoft is committed to our sales partners and the support of our partners, from referral level to large-scale solutions
partners. We are looking to work with partners as we believe they are an essential element for delivering our customers
quality and value. Our partnerships are crucial to our go-to-market strategy and fundamental to success. The IPsoft
Partner Program is designed to exceed our partners’ needs, from sales and technical support to education and marketing.

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  • Multi-tiered margin and incentive program
  • Access to enhanced technical resources
  • Sales and technical training
  • Access to decision makers at IPsoft
  • Potential for your thoughts and ideas to be adopted

Partnership Levels

  • Alliance Partners: Alliance Partners are generally smaller boutique companies (or even
    individuals) who through their expertise and connections, serve as a conduit to senior level executives
    at IPsoft acquisition customers; and as such, they can open opportunities, broker deals and coordinate
    the process. As noted above, companies without implementation resources can start out as Alliance
    members, build an implementation organization as part of projects lead by IPsoft and graduate to fully
    qualified, accredited implementation partners. These Partners make money through referral fees.
  • Advisory Partners: An Advisory partner generally does not directly benefit financially
    from an Amelia license or implementation. They may promote Amelia to their clients as part of strategic
    initiatives within the client, and Amelia is usually a component of the overall strategy being
    presented. Management consulting firms and certain advisories would generally fall into this category.
    These partners however, can also be design agencies specializing in branding, mobility and customer
    service, etc. One defining characteristic of an Advisory Partner is a desire to have some association
    with IPsoft, but also a desire to maintain independence and to recommend a broad spectrum of innovative
    solutions to their customers. Alliance Partners customarily do not draw revenue directly from IPsoft.
    They make money through consulting fees charged directly to the customer.
  • Implementation Partners: Implementation partners are the core of the IPsoft partner
    program. They are the acceleration engine that allows IPsoft to expand market adoption faster without
    organic growth. While the Alliance and Advisor Partners may not have strict requirements, Implementation
    Partners are required to build and maintain a certain level of resources trained and certified in our
    core technologies. Implementation Partners have the ability to benefit financially from a license sale
    by signing a reseller agreement but may also abstain from this to maintain their independence.
    Implementation Partners may include global partners as well as more regional partners. There is a
    ranking system for Implementation partners who may wish to grow in size over time.
    Implementation Partners make money through professional services fees charged to the Customer, through
    referral fees, and potentially but not necessarily through resale of IPsoft Products through a reseller
    arrangement. Margins will vary based on the specific Partner agreement.
  • Solution Partners: Implementation Partners can graduate to Solution Partners, where
    they build “productized” offerings (Solutions) based on their domain expertise. This partnership comes
    with more sophisticated training and certification obligations. However, Partner solutions meeting set
    standards can be represented in our Amelia Marketplace. We will need to work out details around support
    and delivery processes with the partner. Solution Partners make money through professional services fees
    charged to the Customer and through resale of IPsoft Products through a reseller arrangement. In
    addition, they sell proprietary solutions built on top of or leveraging IPsoft technology. Solution
    Partners may receive margin advantages or other incentives for creating additional value in the market
    for IPsoft.
  • OEM and Education Partners: Potential partners interested in becoming an OEM reseller
    of IPsoft technologies or an Education partner should contact us via [email protected].