We put the benefits of automation at the heart of your IT service delivery so that you can make time to innovate.

From Platform as a Service to a fully Managed Infrastructure Service

We take full responsibility for deploying and integrating IPcenter into your environment. Our 24/7 support will manage, monitor and upgrade IPcenter.

  • Transition Services
    The Service Transition Team is responsible for the end-to-end IPcenter platform deployment and integration. The team consists of experienced project managers, technical leads and engineers who will all work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth transition.

    Their services include:

    • Project coordination, planning and team alignment
    • System design and requirements
    • IPcenter Platform deployment and configuration
    • Integrations with 3rd party systems
    • Implementation of client specific standard operating procedures, escalations, automations
    • Training and education of customer staff
    • Shadowing services to ensure successful go-live
  • 24x7 Support Organization

    PaaS provides 24x7 operational support for the IPcenter platform. Our automation platform remediates most issues, but the team is always available to assist with changes and requests.

    We maintain our own strict and industry leading KPIs and SLAs completely visible to our clients.

    Aside from monitoring and automated remediation, IPsoft will also maintain the platform and work closely with our clients regarding code updates and patches to keep the platform up to current releases and capabilities. Additionally, we conduct ongoing audits, security scans, and compliance reporting for adherence with industry standards, such as PCI and HIPPA.

  • Dedicated CRM Assigned to You
    A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is responsible for aligning IPsoft support and services with customer requirements and expectations. The CRM is responsible for coordinating the delivery of IPsoft services in conjunction with the Technical Executive and Lead Engineers. The CRM acts as a liaison between the customer and internal IPsoft teams. The CRM is accountable for the quality of service delivery, maintaining KPIs, reporting on SLAs/SLOs, value realization, and overall customer satisfaction.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Daily: Metric reviews and client discussions around project tracking and coordination with Technical Leads
    • Weekly: Reviews MTTrespond, MTTresolve, SLA trending, QoS stats, and coordination of Automation delivery and impact
    • Monthly: Monthly service reviews ensuring account plans are progressing accordingly
    • Quarterly: Quarterly business reviews to ensure agreed business case is progressing and strategic goals are aligned to client need
  • Dedicated Technical Executive

    A Technical Executive (TE) is the person that is responsible for aligning the technical aspects of IPsoft’s offerings with the client’s requirements and expectations. The TE will be selected based on the overall makeup of the clients environment and is typically a L3 engineer.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Daily: Ticket reviews, lead problem management, drive automation efficiency
    • Weekly: Review automation progress, open and manage RFCs for automations, update SOPs as required
    • Monthly: Ensure SOPs and other documentation are up to date, report on SLAs and KPIs

Our Services enable clients to transition to a digital workforce.

We offer 3 service tiers to fit your needs:

1 Platform as a Service

Guaranteed Availability and Updates

IPsoft's responsibilities:
Implements, upgrades, and maintains Autonomic Platform
Enable client's staff to maximize usage of Autonomic Platform
Client's responsibility:
Offers Automation Services on a contract basis
Operations and Automation Center staff

2 Automation as a Service

Guaranteed Automation

IPsoft's responsibilities:
Implements, upgrades, and maintains Autonomic Platform
Enable client's staff to maximize usage of Autonomic Platform
Automation Center staff
Client's responsibility:
Client staffs operations center and works closely with IPsoft to advance automation benefits

3 Remote Infrastructure Management

IPsoft's responsibilities:
IPsoft implements, upgrades, and maintains Autonomic Platform
IPsoft maximizes potential of Autonomic Platform
IPsoft staffs Operations Center
IPsoft staffs Dedicated Automation Center of Excellence

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IPsoft enables us to assume a more proactive role towards the operating units. This gives our ICT organization more room for innovation and greater opportunities to create value for our internal customers.

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