Customer Incidents Addressed Without Human Intervention

Imagine sourcing labor instantly from the cloud. Imagine training staff in less time than it takes to make a coffee. Imagine manning help desks with agents who can communicate in more than 20 languages.

Meet Amelia.


A strategic move in the market.

Accenture incorporates IPsoft’s technology into its IT Services Delivery to help clients transform the efficiency of their operations.

  • Step Into the Future

    On December 4, IPsoft will preview the transformation technology of our time: cognitive business automation. IPsoft will introduce Amelia, the first cognitive agent capable of human understanding.

  • Gartner's Report

    Autonomic technologies are a game-changer for IT services.

    IPsoft’s autonomic and cognitive platform is recognized in Gartner’s report examining a future trend to managed services underpinned by autonomic technology.