It was a bold vision.

Chetan Dube, IPsoft's founder and CEO, believed that the IT infrastructure of the future would be managed not by people, but by expert systems. He envisioned a world in which the mundane engineering chores would be automated, freeing engineers and technologists to focus on creative endeavors and innovation. So in 1998, Dube founded IPsoft based on this principle.

Within a few years of its founding, IPsoft established a presence in India and shortly thereafter opened its first European outpost in London. As growth continued to accelerate, new offices followed. First in San Jose California, then Amsterdam and beyond. In 2009 alone, IPsoft opened its Frankfurt, Austin, Chicago and Stockholm offices and expanded its New York and Bangalore offices. More recently, IPsoft entered the Asia Pacific region, opening offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

The pace of innovation matched the pace of growth, as IPsoft’s engineers developed the company’s unique technologies. Each new innovation built upon the last, maintaining a continual state of evolution.

In little more than a decade, IPsoft has evolved from small start up to emerging giant. IPsoft now has ten offices on three continents. One in 20 Fortune 1000 companies is an IPsoft client.

IPsoft’s founding dream is now reality: About 56 percent of all client problems are resolved without human intervention. IPsoft's Virtual Engineer automation has addressed more than one million exceptions to date for the Cisco-IPsoft partnership alone.

What defines IPsoft is simple: the constant drive to do, and to be, better.

"IPsoft remains one of the most compelling (providers) in the market."
– Leading industry analyst