Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed many customers undertake various “digital transformation” projects with varied degrees of success. Some have been focused around campaign automation, some around how to deliver content and drive customer journeys via data, analytics, and insight.

At the end of these transformations, the outcome was typically the same: They were still not able to naturally engage users without deviating from a strictly regimented customer journey, proceeding from point A to point B in conversations with no variations.

IPsoft’s Amelia, the industry-leading digital colleague, allows our customers to engage with users via natural language conversations across any channel, including call centers, web, and mobile as well as kiosks, cars, and even smart speakers.

Amelia enhances customer experiences by streamlining operational efficiencies and removing repetitive tasks both internally and for end users. Amelia is not a chatbot — she actually thinks and can execute processes dynamically. She can understand the context and the intent of conversations, without having to follow a specific path, and execute on processes accordingly.

So now your customers don’t have to follow a process-driven journey – they can engage with your brand how they want, via the channel of their choosing, 24/7/365 and receive the best possible brand experience. This is the way it should be.

For companies who have undergone digital transformation, it’s essential to deliver this “last mile” of the digital transformation journey. By hiring a digital colleague to handle your company’s user interface (UI), you can gain a competitive advantage, increase revenues, and delight your customers.

Check out a video from last year’s Digital Workforce Summit (DWS), which showcases some of the use cases Amelia can address across a range of industries, from Travel & Hospitality to Financial services to Healthcare, and many more.