The Allstate Corporation is the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer in the United States, serving more than 16 million households. In order to remain competitive with digitally-native insurance startups, the company decided to optimize its customer service using Amelia, IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague. As a result, Allstate is delivering services faster than ever before, with reduced handle times and improved satisfaction among both Allstate customers and agents.

In September 2017, Allstate deployed Amelia as a whisper agent at their call center to reduce call times while increasing customer satisfaction. While on the phone with customers, human agents interact with Amelia through a chat interface, where she leads them step-by-step through a variety of procedures such as coverage-change, proof-of-insurance and reinstatement requests.

“Amelia is quickly becoming an important component of our customer service strategy. She provides our call center personnel with the information and procedures they need to address our customers’ questions and concerns.”

— Carla Zuniga, Allstate

Amelia is currently trained on more than 50 unique industry-specific topics, which allows her to quickly answer customer questions and provide personalized policy information when required via secure integrations with Allstate’s backend systems. Since she was first deployed, average call duration has been reduced from 4.6 to 4.2 minutes — and that translates into a substantial increase in total productivity when you consider the thousands of calls handled each day. In addition, 75% of inquiries are solved during the first call with Amelia, up from 67% previously.

By offloading policy information and procedures to Amelia, the training time for new agents has also been greatly reduced. Amelia also ensures that agents comply with state and federal industry regulations, as she can be updated when laws and procedures change. For instance, in certain states, unlicensed call center reps are not allowed to process address changes for policyholders. In this situation, Amelia can provide the information on the proper procedure, and the agent can quickly hand off the session to a licensed colleague. Allstate has also employed Amelia to rapidly disseminate new corporate policies or new information. For example, in the few days prior to a hurricane, Allstate may want to proactively identify customers who may be impacted when the storm makes landfall, anticipating that they may need assistance. With Amelia, Allstate can instantly alert its call center agents if any of those customers contact the insurer pre- or post-storm for policy or claim information.

Since she was hired as a whisper agent, Amelia has assisted Allstate employees on millions of customer interactions, averaging 250,000 per month. Future plans from Allstate include increasing Amelia’s workload and expanding her scope to eventually interact directly with agents and customers to solve issues often too complex for a single human.

Allstate’s implementation of Amelia shows how the human workforce can be enhanced with cognitive technologies, delivering real-life benefits for businesses and consumers alike.

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