• Forbes Highlights Allstate’s Ongoing Success With Amelia

    Last year, Allstate hired IPsoft’s industry-leading digital colleague Amelia as a whisper agent. Forbes profiled the ongoing successes of this partnership via an interview with Allstate Senior Vice President Carla Zuniga.

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  • Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    A new white paper from Everest Group and IPsoft looks at the future of work and identifies key enabling technologies that can improve EX, can drive higher employee satisfaction, greater productivity and higher profitability.

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  • CRN Magazine: Amelia is The Most-Human Digital AI

    Artificial intelligence that doesn’t appropriately respond to and show emotion will ultimately deliver with less-than-ideal user experiences. IPsoft is proud of the work we’ve done to make Amelia empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

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  • DWS 2018: The Crossroads of Business, Technology and Humanity

    This June, thought leaders, industry insiders, and delegates from around the world gathered in New York City for the second annual Digital Workforce Summit (DWS). Here are some of the highlights from this year’s event.

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  • IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube on AI in the Workplace

    In a recent podcast with The Financial Times, our CEO discussed how AI will reshape the global workforce, allowing human roles to evolve.

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We thought our biggest challenge was going to be trying to make Amelia sound as human as possible. That wasn’t a problem at all. Forty-five percent of our players had no idea Amelia wasn’t human. When they were transferred onto a human agent, they were asking, ‘Who was that Amelia person?

-Matt Tomlinson, Global Director of Innovation at Electronic Arts (DWS 2018)

“Amelia is quickly becoming an important component of our customer service strategy. She provides our call center personnel with the information and procedures they need to address our customers’ questions and concerns.”

-Allstate Senior Vice President Carla Zuniga.

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