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IPsoft makes it possible to transform business performance through the employment of digital labor. Every day we automate thousands of IT and business processes for enterprises across a wide range of industries.


IPsoft is a disruptive technology company, pioneering innovation in the development and delivery of autonomic and cognitive technologies. From our inception, our founders recognized that automation through digital labor will shape the future of IT and business operations. Inspired by the great minds of the past, we relish the challenge of making what others believe impossible a reality.

Our company’s mission is to power the world with intelligent systems, eliminate routine work and free human talent to focus on creating value through innovation.

Every day we apply ourselves to transforming our clients’ IT and business operations for competitive advantage. Through a combination of our technology platforms and our services, IPsoft guarantees predictable business benefits through intelligent automation.

Whether your primary goal is to increase quality and speed of service, drive up productivity, enable profitable growth, reduce risk or rapidly reduce operational costs, IPsoft can ensure you attain industry-leading benchmarks of performance.


IPsoft’s leaders are unified in their commitment to deliver outstanding results for our clients, inspire our people, and support our communities.

Peter A. Benoliel

As Chairman of IPsoft’s Board of Directors, Peter A. Benoliel leads IPsoft’s strategic business plan and provides advice and counsel to executive management. Mr. Benoliel is Chairman Emeritus of Quaker Chemical Corporation (NYSE: KWR), having served as Chief Executive Officer from 1966 until 1992 and as non-executive Chairman of the Board until 1997. Mr. Benoliel has served on many corporate boards, including Alan Wood Steel Company, Publicker Industries, Bell Atlantic-Pennsylvania, CoreStates Financial Corporation and UGI Corporation, in addition to serving as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia from 1989–1992. He has also been active in many cultural and philanthropic organizations and is an enthusiastic violinist and student of philosophy, history, astrophysics, Japanese art and literature.

Chetan Dube

Chetan Dube has served as the President and CEO of IPsoft since its inception in 1998. During his tenure, he has led the company to create a radical shift in the way IT is managed. Prior to joining IPsoft, Chetan served as an Assistant Professor at New York University, where his research was focused on deterministic finite-state computing engines. Chetan is a widely recognized speaker on autonomics, cognitive computing and the future impact of a digital workforce. He serves on the board of numerous IT-related institutions.

Uday Chinta

Uday Chinta joined IPsoft in 2003. He has more than 15 years of experience in managing large, high-performance infrastructure and applications management. Before joining IPsoft, Uday worked for Merrill Lynch in New York City, launching and managing their core financial applications. He also worked for IBM Global services technology solutions. He is one of the starting members of Software Technology Parks, Hyderabad. Uday received an Outstanding Achievement Award from India’s Department of Electronics.

Jonathan Crane

Jonathan Crane has been a communications industry leader for more than 35 years. Jonathan has held numerous executive positions in corporations such as ROLM, Savvis, Lightstream, Marcam Solutions and MCI. He was one of the key architects of the early success of MCI, and was brought back to lead the troubled Worldcom out of bankruptcy. As the Chief Strategy Officer, he orchestrated the acquisitions of key strategic assets. Most recently, Jonathan was the Chairman of the Board and President of Savvis.

Eray Ekici

Eray Ekici joined IPsoft in 1999. Eray is a Windows expert, proficient across the Windows domain. His team has architected numerous global deployments and migrations, including support and architecture of SQL Server environments and global Exchange deployments. Before joining IPsoft, Eray worked at New York University as a Windows and Novell engineer, serving all faculty, staff and students.

Ergun Ekici

Ergun joined IPsoft in 2001 and currently serves as Vice President, Emerging Technologies. His duties include architecting business solutions leveraging autonomic arbitrage. Ergun has successfully partnered with global financial institutions to provide bespoke solutions to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. At IPsoft, Ergun has led global application management services along with development services. Before joining IPsoft, Ergun worked as a Java Architect in the Financial District.

Alistair Agnew

Alistair Agnew joined IPsoft in 2018, bringing decades of experience at the intersection of commerce and technology. He started his career at Yamaha Corporation as a sales representative and rose to Executive Director, responsible for three divisions. Alistair later served as Managing Director of Qm Group, which merged with Qmatic AB. At Qmatic, Alistair held a variety of executive positions such as UK CEO, Chief Marketing Officer and PR Director. Most recently, he was Non-Executive Director at the international marketing agency Brave Zone and Non-Executive Director for a number of companies, working with private equity. Alistair has used his extensive experience to grow business revenues, create key alliances and spearhead go-to-market strategies around disruptive technologies. At heart, Alistair considers himself a marketer, salesman and storyteller, and has presented at events around the world.

Mike Ghicas

Mike Ghicas heads the Service Design team. Mike joined IPsoft in 2000 and has designed data centers and global IP networks for IPsoft and its clients. Other areas of responsibility include storage networking, virtualization and service design. Prior to joining IPsoft, Mike served as the Director of Information Technology at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he was responsible for all IT operations and policy.

Kevin McLaughlin

Kevin came to IPsoft with a wealth of experience in leading R&D for pioneering technologies. Under his leadership the IPsoft’s Research and Development team has expanded rapidly to combine a wide range of skills in order to drive breakthrough capabilities in cognitive and autonomic solutions. This builds on Kevin’s earlier contribution to the development of IPsoft’s market leading ITSM platform, IPcenter. Prior to joining IPsoft, Kevin had earned a successful track record for developing new service for media companies including Knight Ridder Digital and Tribune Interactive. Kevin holds a degree in computer science from Grinnell College.

David Harron

David Harron joined the IPsoft team in September 2000. David leads a team of business development executives driving the sales growth and focus of the organization. David has also maintained a key role in customer satisfaction and account management. Prior to working with IPsoft, David was the Chief Operating Officer of eHire, an online recruiting firm specializing in IT personnel. At eHire David was responsible for the fiscal policy, development of the recruiting platform and the formation of key business partnerships.

Daniel Harron

Daniel joined IPsoft in 2001, and currently serves as VP, Service Optimization. His primary responsibilities include solution architecture, strategic client alignment and service delivery optimization. In an executive sponsorship capacity, he has supported leading financial and communication clients through transition and steady state operations. Daniel previously managed IPsoft’s global database management practice. Prior to joining the IPsoft team, Daniel was a consultant working in the IT practice of American Management Systems.

Jeff Heenan-Jalil

Per Ottosson

Per Ottosson joined IPsoft in 2009. Per has enjoyed a diversified and long career in Infrastructure Management. He previously served as a director at Hewlett-Packard, responsible for the Software Division in Western Europe. He was also responsible for Northern Europe and France at BMC software as a vice president, and he served as country manager Sweden at EMC. Per studied computer and life science at SSHL and earned a master’s in finance at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Gary Rosenblum

Gary Rosenblum joined IPsoft in October 1999. Gary is widely recognized as a UNIX systems expert and has participated in committees to develop drivers for Linux kernels. Gary’s team has architected Solaris solutions that have achieved the highest level of SunTone certification by Sun Microsystems for high-availability and performance characteristics.

 Before joining IPsoft, Gary worked at New York University as head of UNIX systems and supported a systems network of over 70,000 nodes serving all the University’s faculty, staff and students.

  • Americas
    Sean McIlrath
    Vice President, US South
    Benjamin Jacob
    Vice President, Canada
  • Europe
    Marcos Raiser do Ó
    Managing Director, Central Europe
    Martin Linstrom
    Managing Director, UK
    Mark Boelhouwer
    Managing Director, Netherlands
  • Asia
    Uday Chinta
    Managing Director, India
    Andrew Winlaw
    Managing Director, Australia
    Ichiro Hatanaka
    Managing Director, Japan

We seek to foster human creativity by developing groundbreaking technology that solves problems proactively.


Transform operational performance by powering the world with intelligent systems. We achieve this by honoring our commitments and by providing superior customer service.


Eliminate routine work through automation and free human talent to focus on creating value through innovation.


Chetan Dube, IPsoft’s founder and CEO, believed that the IT infrastructure and business operations of the future would be managed not by people but by expert systems. He envisioned a world in which mundane engineering and administrative chores would be automated,

freeing business professionals, engineers and technologists to focus on creative endeavors and innovation.

Within a few years of its founding, IPsoft established a presence in India providing remote IT infrastructure managed services and shortly thereafter opened its first European outpost in London. As growth continued to accelerate, new offices followed. First in California then Amsterdam and beyond. In 2009 alone, IPsoft opened its Frankfurt, Austin, Chicago and Stockholm offices and expanded its New York and Bangalore offices. More recently, IPsoft entered the Asia Pacific region, opening offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

In 2014, following 15 years of development, IPsoft launched Amelia, the first cognitive agent to interact like a human. Amelia opened a new chapter in IPsoft’s growth and placed IPsoft at the forefront of a technology enabled revolution that promises to change how we live and work forever: the age of the Smart Machine.


IPsoft Founded, New York.


IPcenter: world’s first
‘autonomic IT’ platform








Frankfurt, Austin,
Chicago, Stockholm


Expansion New York
and Bangalore


Singapore, Tokyo,


Amelia: world’s first
digital employee


Amelia V3

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