The AI Pioneers Forum is an evolving initiative to deliver a roadmap to real returns on AI.

The Forum is a community of the world’s leaders in AI from business, government and academia. Members meet on a monthly basis to exchange ideas and discuss the newest AI trends, business practices and use cases, from pilots to deployment. The group also analyzes the overwhelming volume of proposed AI solutions on the market, and synthesizes de-risked solutions for organizations to realize tangible returns on their AI investments.

The AI Pioneers Forum, through its collective knowledge and expertise, will provide guidance and insight to customers searching for the best AI investments for their business and industry. Over time, the Forum will co-create an AI Maturity Model and map it against potential Returns on AI (ROAI), arming businesses with critical metrics and insight as they continue to explore AI investment opportunities.


The impact of the AI revolution, which some observers estimate at $14.6 trillion, is an order of magnitude above any other. The market is cluttered with competitive noise on chatbots, RPA and AI. It is important to start to differentiate offerings.

What’s real? What’s vaporware? What offering delivers tangible ROI gains? Which projects go from pilots to production?

AI research, new techniques and discoveries are emerging at a breakneck pace. But it is difficult to access proven solutions and insights from industry leaders, the research community, startups, enterprise leaders, and leading tech companies in one central conduit. Now some of the most experienced and authoritative minds can be accessed through the AI Pioneers Forum.

Competitive Advantage

  • Tangible Return on Investment
  • Exclusive global community and peer learning
  • Monthly Signature AI Pioneers Forum, including taskforce working groups
  • Exclusive AI management insights
  • Intimate networking and receptions
  • Customized exchanges, seminars, leadership programs and Insights
  • Annual Awards for best implemented AI Industry use case
  • Insights into real world industry use cases and case studies
  • Research and management agenda with best practice guidelines
  • Benchmarks, roadmaps and baseline research on use cases within global organizations in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific
  • AI Pioneers cognitive manifesto

Pioneers Circle

The AI Pioneers Circle is an exclusive community of digital pioneers: C-level executives at large enterprises, university AI researchers, digital innovation visionaries, leaders from technology companies and public policy makers who use their time, influence, and resources to create a true digital world.

Members exchange ideas to better understand complex AI issues share the successes and challenges of their AI journeys, and inspire one another as leading global Pioneers.

The Circle is a space where members seek and provide input on difficult choices and complex questions. Many members say that meaningful connections and private exchanges are the most valued aspect of their participation in the network. Members work actively to share best practices and case studies, and collaborate on research papers, to further the advancement of digital autonomous enterprises.

The Pioneers Circle helps members increase the ROI of their investments and allows them to become more effective. The dawning of the AI age will be led by the Global AI Leadership Pioneers Circle with a vision to create real value for industries and countries, focusing on the future of work and the future of digital enterprises.

The Circle launched in New York City and will expand to Silicon Valley/San Francisco, the EU and APAC.

Executive committee

Chetan Dube

Chetan Dube
Chief Executive Officer and President – IPsoft

Mark Minevich

Mark Minevich
Executive Chair, Member of B20/G20 Digital Industry taskforce, Advisor to CEO/Digital Fellow – IPsoft

Tsvi Gal

Tsvi Gal
Chief Technology Officer Infrastructure – Morgan Stanley

Mike Brady

Mike Brady
Co Chair, Ai Pioneers Forum and Visionary CTO

Steering/Program committee

Dan Sampson
Managing Program Director & Executive Producer

Michael O’Rourke
Senior Vice President, Machine Intelligence & Data Services, Nasdaq

Ergun Ekici
Principal & Vice President of Emerging Technologies – IPsoft

Irakli Beridze
Head of the Centre for AI and Robotics – UNICRI

Kris Fitzgerald
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – NTT Data Services

Jeremy Hillman
Director of Corporate Communications – World Bank Group

Stephen Ibaraki
Renowned Futurist, Chairman REDDS Capital, ACM Practitioner Board member and current past Chairman, Founder UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit – International Telecommunications Union

Professor Steven Kuyan
Managing Director, Future Labs – NYU

Ambassador Paolo Zampolli
United Nations

Matthew Tomlinson
Global Director of Innovation – Electronic Arts

Vladimir Krdzic
Global Head of Technology – Petrofac Services

JT Kostman
Managing Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence – Grant Thornton

Tom Campbell
Founder & President of FutureGrasp, LLC

AI Pioneers Forum

The Forum, part of the Global Turing Institute, is responsible for convening participants and members for the purpose of immersion, inventions, lectures and moderated exchanges.

It brings together leading AI research experts, digital champions, policy makers and cross-functional C-level executives from leading organizations across multiple industries with unmatched peer exchanges and idea sharing on critical AI business issues facing IT and business leaders today. Members will hear top experts in deep dive sessions and also will engage in strategic discussions on best practices, collaborate with industry thought leaders and gain insights from expert speakers and practitioners.

Real benefits and solutions will be stimulated by those multi-disciplinary “mastermind” groups and its pioneers. These pioneers from different industries and backgrounds will commit to once-a-month power meetings. Sensitive aspects of the meetings are confidential and thus “Chatham House Rules” apply. Members share their real problems and challenges, and their peers not only give advice but also gain a fresh perspective. The goal is to solve complex AI problems and challenges.

Output and Deliverables

The output of the AI Pioneers Forum includes a research and executive industry digital ROI agenda with AI research and business industry papers/blogs published in the AI Pioneers Circle, and extended community as well as selective publications. It also will include best practice guidelines, opinion articles and a digital manifesto book slated for release in 2019. The institute will also conduct baseline research on business use cases, roadmaps, benchmarks, maturity models, ROI Analysis within global organizations in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. The final output will be an AI Pioneers digital manifesto.

Executive Exchanges

We will open the Forum discussions, in both panels and round-tables, and invite delegates to take a dynamic role in the process and therefore gain the greatest benefit and value from their participation.

Forum exchange/series topics to be covered:

  • Returns on AI and our Roadmap
    - Digital Maturity Model

    - Benchmarks/standards

    - Potential Risk

    - Service/solution and ROI

    - Proposed AI Maturity model

    - Potential risk

    - Service/solution and ROI
  • Digital Journey
    - Bimodal journey

    - Test and switch

    - Hold, buy or make

    - Technology adaption and risks

    - Digital waves and roadmap
  • Reimagining Enterprise of the Future
    - Risks, skills and roles of humans

    - HR and organizations ROI

    - Risks, skills and roles of digital labor

    - Talent wars- acquisition of top resources

    - Time to Transform

    - Transformation models

    - Leadership
  • Converged Solutions
    - New digital models, through converged practices:

    - Convergence of verticals: such as Klarna (banking and retail)

    - Convergence of technologies: autonomic, cognitive and analytic and biological
  • Vertical Industry
    - Healthcare

    - Insurance

    - Banking

    - Retail

    - TMT

    - HR Industry and consultancies

    - Reinventing airlines

    - Reinventing logistics

    - Reinventing Advertising

    - Military/Intelligence

    - Reinventing hospitality/hotel industry
  • AI Game Changing investments
    - Benchmarks and ROI

    - Startup ecosystem and disruptive solutions
  • Public Sector/Government
    - Competitiveness of countries
  • Technology and Expected ROI
    - AI Technology and expected Horizontal Use case application ROI

    - Technology Stacks /platforms

    - Hardware Chipsets
  • AI Strategic Development
    - Proficiency

    - ROI

    - Time to value
  • Digital Future
    - Predictions (Life 3.0, Global Citizens, Gig Economy)

    - Trends and outlook

    - Impact


Mapping AI Solutions in Japan's Society 5.0

An IPsoft/AI Pioners Forum White Paper

Chetan Dube
CEO and President, IPsoft
Mark Minevich
Chairman of AI Pioneers Forum, Digital Fellow to IPsoft CEO, member of B20/G20 Digital Economy Taskforce, Senior Advisor to UN Office of Project Services

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