The Science Behind Amelia

IPsoft’s Amelia is the most dynamic AI system thanks to her cognitive learning abilities, autonomic task management, and emotional intelligence. Using the Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 specification to model a company’s business processes, we program Amelia to perform tasks according to precise specifications.

Amelia's brain uses episodic memory, process memory, and intent recognition to respond to complex queries


Semantic Memory

Amelia stores facts, concepts, and the associations between them in her semantic memory. From standard operating procedures to policy documents, she can be trained to apply them to conversations.

Concepts and ideas in the human brain are semantically linked, so that thinking about or firing one set of neurons in your head primes other related ones, making them more likely to fire in the future. This allows localized querying in the human brain as opposed to typical search based algorithms which traverse the entire data set before trying to compute an answer. Amelia can be trained to emulate that capability in order to retrieve information across a wider and more complex set of knowledge.


Episodic Memory

She remembers every interaction she has and can use that information to deliver faster and more informed results

In humans, semantic memory activates the frontal and temporal cortexes, while episodic memory activity is mostly concentrated in the hippocampus. Similarly, episodic memory of Amelia gives her cognition of various experiences and events in time in a sequenced autobiographical form. Her semantic memory gives her a structured record of facts, meanings, concepts and knowledge about the client world. The combination of the two allows Amelia to hold a wholly natural conversation that is not restricted to following set flows.


Process Memory

Amelia can dynamically navigate business process flows without having to follow a step-by-step process to achieve a desired outcome. This allows her to jump from one process to another, if a conversation requires her to do so.

Amelia also learns on the job by observing interactions between her human coworkers and customers and independently builds her own process map of what is happening. She then stores and applies that knowledge to determine how to resolve similar situations on her own. This ability to observe, understand and automatically apply this knowledge combined with the speed at which she learns allows her to quickly become an expert in any field in which she works.


Affective Memory

Amelia uses the state of the art Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis techniques to computationally model user's emotion, mood, and personality.

This is just a brief preview of some of the technologies behind Amelia. Please contact us to learn more about this and all our solutions.

Amelia Speaks Multiple Languages

Amelia is fluent in 10 languages and can be trained to speak simple words and phrases in more than 100 languages.

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Amelia Learns Your Business Logic

Before Amelia ever speaks to a customer, we use the Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 specification to model a company’s business processes and ensure that Amelia does exactly what the company wants her to do in any given customer-facing situation.

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Contextual Understanding

Amelia is aware of the full context of every conversation so she can adapt her social tone and actions accordingly. She selects the most appropriate of her multiple knowledge engines at every step of the conversation in order to keep dialogue fluid and help customers reach their goals faster.

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Amelia integrates seamlessly with all common APIs

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Amelia + 1Desk

The perfect match between cognitive and autonomics

Think of Amelia as an experienced hire with the knowledge required to manage the most common processes within Incident Resolution, Troubleshooting and Service Requests. All that remains is to teach her about your specific policies and integrate her into your wider team so that she can get to work.