Rated the most Capable Intelligent Virtual Agent by Everest Group

Amelia serves many industries — banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, IT operations, telecom and more. She’s had millions of live conversations with customers and employees at companies such as Allstate, SEB and UBS.

What is Amelia?

“We’ve been applying [Amelia] to employee services around onboarding and recruiting and exploring how we can create shared services. Amelia has a great opportunity to change the market because it’s much, much more than just a chatbot
— she’s a cognitive assistant.”

John Brownridge, Principal of Digital Human Capital, Deloitte

Amelia as an IT Operations Expert

A major telecom hired Amelia to serve as the first line of IT communication for its 20,000 employees. She handles 82% of IT Service Desk requests and has held more than 80,000 conversations. She resolves roughly 70% of queries within her scope independently. It took our client only 24 months to achieve complete ROI.

Amelia as a Customer Service Agent

A smartphone retailer hired Amelia to handle customer stock inquiries. By deploying Amelia, the retailer was able to quickly improve sales conversion rates via chat from 0.2% to 4%. More than 70% of all customer inquiries begin with an interaction with Amelia. She correctly recognizes customer intent 90% of the time.

  • "IPsoft's Amelia summons insights to give customers personalized, informed experiences — but as a whisper agent, Amelia covertly funnels this experience through a human employee. Drawing from data sources and predictive analytics, the whisper agent can make human employees sound as if they really have their act together — and as if they know their customers well enough to solve their problems quickly."

    Forrester Research, The Technology-Augmented Employee, 2018

  • "More vendors are developing cognitive agents designed to deal specifically with complex industry and enterprise requests at scale; the best-known example today is IPsoft’s Amelia."

    HfS Research, Untangling the Gordian Knot: The HFS Dummies’ Guide to Enterprise AI, 2018

    How Does Amelia Work?

    While most solutions claim to have Artificial Intelligence, they’re just that – artificial. It’s time to put the intelligence back in AI.

    Unlike chatbots, IPsoft’s cognitive agent Amelia does more than just recognize keywords and user questions. She observes, learns, understands and grows her skills over time.

    Watch this video to learn more.

    Want to Learn More?

    Download The Forrester New Wave™: Standalone Chatbots For IT Operations, Q2 2019

    In its recent New Wave report, Forrester says IPsoft “leads the pack with robust IT operations chatbot features.” The research reviews “the eight most significant providers in the category” and scores vendors against 10 criteria, including chatbot readiness, automation, architecture and integrations, and deployment and security. According to Forrester, IPsoft received a “differentiated” rating in all 10 categories — the highest rating possible for each criteria. IPsoft is the only vendor to receive this rating in each of the 10 categories.

    Forrester says “IPsoft’s Amelia leads the market in IT operations readiness,” and also praises IPsoft for its more complex chatbot and automation features, “such as creating workflows for more sophisticated help desk interactions.”

    Forrester concludes: “IPsoft provides an ideal solution for those looking for advanced functionalities.”


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    The Industry-Leading Virtual Agent

    Amelia is the result of decades of research in discrete mathematics, cognitive
    neuroscience, autonomic systems and embedded language models. Rated the most intelligent virtual agent by Everest Group, Amelia is capable of complex natural language understanding, context switching, intent recognition and more. Through her unique programming and algorithms, Amelia utilizes each of the human brain’s 8 Core Cognitive Skills to deliver unparalleled capabilities, surpassing mere chatbots in every way.

    Find out how amelia works

    Amelia speaks as humans do

    "IPsoft's Amelia uses Natural Language Generation to engage in real-time conversations with humans, acting as a digital colleague to resolve customer service, sales, IT support, and operations issues."

    Forrester Research, New Tech Natural Language Generation (NLG) Technologies, 2018


    She collaborates with human colleagues

    “Allstate Insurance Co.’s 350 call center employees are turning to a quick-thinking colleague named Amelia to help them solve customer inquiries faster and more efficiently. [Amelia] has helped call center representatives in more than 3 million conversations with customers since it was deployed last September. [D]uring the month of January, Amelia helped with 250,000 customer calls.”

    The Wall Street Journal, March 2018


    She scales as your business grows

    “Amelia has the ability to make contextualized conversations in more than 40 languages. Amelia's episodic and semantic memory and analytical capabilities allow it to enrich user interactions with sentiments and make personalized decisions based on real-time data analytics. [Amelia] has the ability to connect conversations to data and processes in order to provide personalized recommendations and solve simple issues of customers at scale and tackle numerous roles."

    Everest Group, AI in Global Services State of the Market Report, 2017

    Why IPsoft and Amelia?

    IPsoft delivers Enterprise AI to the world’s largest companies and organizations, resulting in measurable business benefits. With our 20 years of market experience, we know what it takes to successfully deploy AI use cases across a variety of industries.

    Ready to change the face of your company?

    As your digital colleague, Amelia thinks like a human but works at the speed of a machine. Innovative companies invest in Amelia to keep pace with customer demand, scale their business for growth, and deliver ongoing ROI.
    Are you ready to be one of them?

    • Good afternoon, Jennifer. How may I assist you?
      Amelia | 12:32pm
      My credit card is missing and I need to cancel it!
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      I’m sorry to hear that. I see you have two cards associated with your account, a Metro and a Platinum card. Which one would you like to cancel?
      Amelia | 12:33pm
      The Platinum Card.
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      I have put a hold on your Platinum card. Would you like me to send you a new replacement card?
      Amelia | 12:34pm
      Yes, please!
      Jennifer | 12:34pm
    • Good morning, Jennifer. How may I assist you today?
      Amelia | 12:32pm
      I would like to request a vacation day on September 8th.
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      I have filed a time-off request with your manager for that date. I will send you an email notification once it has been processed.
      Amelia | 12:33pm
      Great. Also, how many vacation days do I currently have?
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      You currently have three vacation days and will accumulate an additional two by the end of the month.
      Amelia | 12:34pm
    • Hi Jennifer, I see you had a question about your mobile data plan. How can I help you?
      Amelia | 12:32pm
      I’m traveling to Canada next week and was wondering about roaming charges.
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      Sure. As a Pay-As-You-Go customer you opted for Special Roaming. Any calls, data or text usage beyond what's included in your plan will be charged at these rates:
      Amelia | 12:33pm
    • Hello, Jennifer, what can I help you with today?
      Amelia | 12:32pm
      One of my company’s shipments has been placed on hold, can you tell me why?
      Jennifer | 12:33pm
      Of course. Let me access that information…
      Amelia | 12:33pm
      It looks like order 58992 does not have a selected shipping method. Would you like me to assist you with that?
      Amelia | 12:33pm
      Yes, thank you.
      Jennifer | 12:34pm
      Okay, let’s get started.
      Amelia | 12:34pm

      Everything you need to know about Amelia

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